Saturday, 30 June 2012

Superpoints Network Outage - June 30 2012

Not able to get onto the Superpoints page to do your spins? You are not alone.

Here is the message posted on their Facebook page about 2 hours ago:
"As of late Friday evening, Superpoints has been experiencing technical difficulties. An electrical storm in Virginia has impacted most of our servers and our team is working hard to restore. We appreciate your patience!"

Usually they are pretty good for giving us a day with extra spins for outages like this (which has only happened maybe twice in the 5 months Ive been a member on their site.
If you aren't a member yet, consider joining once their page is back up again, you will probably get to take advantage of extra spins as well if that's what they give out :)

In the meantime, if you are looking for another site to start making a little why don't you try Swagbucks?
Daily polls, offers, random codes on their Facebook/Twitter/Blog all add up to some great free extra money.
Ive collected $25 so far and almost have enough for another $15...all being saved for christmas :)

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