Monday, 30 April 2012

Everything Walt Disney World: Quick Bites: Kakigori Shaved Ice

Everything Walt Disney World: Quick Bites: Kakigori Shaved Ice: Rainbow flavored Kakigori For months now, I've been hearing people rave about the Kakigori flavored shaved ice that you can get at the K...

I wish I could go to Disney more often than once every 6-10 years. Im going to do my best to try and save up so I can take Peanut there in the next 2. And of course Gramma has to come, she loves Disney as much as I do.
Ill have to try this shaved ice since the Japan Pavilion is one of my favorite places (Its the closest Ill ever get to going to Japan :P )

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Get Paid To Like Stuff!!

There is a new survey/pay to click site in town called

You can earn money for referrals as well and though their referral rate has been fluctuating recently, they have confirmed they will be offering $0.25 per referral and an extra $1 if they live in Victoria or Vancouver.  They update the site daily with new "opportunities". These seem to be short surveys, Twitter follows, Facebook Likes, +1's on Google, etc. These opportunities don't take long at all! Please note if you Like a company you cannot "Unlike" them before you get paid as you will not get credit for the payment.  You can however hide their posts from your Newsfeed if you want.
They appear to be making changes and upgrades as they go along, and update on Facebook and Twitter when they have new opportunities available. Something to be aware of: They request all kinds of permissions on your Facebook page (like many contests/giveaways).  You can X out any permissions you don't want them to have access to and still sign up.   I personally don't share anything on my Facebook that I would care if a stranger saw, but you might want to consider using a "Contests/Freebies/Giveaways" Facebook page if you're worried. I just use my own personal one and haven't seen them post anything on my Facebook without permission.

I am really liking this new company. Since they're newer and smaller they're very open to feedback and suggestions!

Of course if anyone would like to join, my referral link is here: was started by a company called Softcorp Software Ltd which is based out of Victoria. They started as a way for companies to market their brand by getting users to "Like, Follow or Circle" them as well as for companies to reach certain target markets.  You can get in touch with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: @LikenetCanada

SoftCorp Software Ltd Facebook:
Twitter: @SoftCorp_ca

Here's how I've been able to do in just over a week with no referrals !

Monday, 23 April 2012

Another Coupon Giveaway From The Flying Couponer!

Our faithful couponer in the sky is having yet another coupon give away!
All you have to do is go visit her Facebook Page HERE and comment under the post about the giveaway with how long you have been couponing!
Go Go! She has a pile of good coupons!!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Do you collect Shoppers Optimum Points? did some asking around during a shopping trip recently and got a question answered that some of us couponing individuals might want to be aware of:

Bonus Optimum Points & Meeting Minimums - The Answer!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Home Made Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I've been slacking on getting this recipe up, so now that we are on our 2nd loaf of this stuff in 3 days, its safe to assume its a decent recipe and can be shared :)

Again for this bread I used my bread maker to mix, but took it out before the last rise, I did that in a breadpan and baked in the oven. I also soaked the raisins for about 5 minutes in some hot water to soften them up prior to going in the mix.

  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, softened
  • 2 cups White Flour
  • 1 cup Whole Wheat Flour
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons bread machine yeast
  • 1 cup Raisins
  • You can make a couple adjustments to this recipe. It originally called for just 3 cups of white flour but I split that up a bit, you can choose white or brown sugar for it (I used brown) and I just eyeball the salt - which means I probably only put 1/2 of a teaspoon of it in.

    Either do the whole cycle in your breadmaker or take out after the second mix and let rise in a breadpan for 30 minutes. Cook in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes.

    As you can see from the photo, its smaller than the whole wheat loaf of bread even though it has the same amount of flour/yeast. Also, you dont get the whole raisins like in store bought unless you hand mix this stuff, the bread machine kind of beats them into tiny bits. Tastes the same though.

    Friday, 20 April 2012

    A BOGO coupon from Olivieri Pasta is coming...

    I just found out that today sometime between 2-5pm Olivieri Pasta is going to be releasing a BOGO (Buy One Get One) coupon on their Facebook page through Websaver!

    So keep you eyes peeled guys, there are going to be a limited number released to us.
    And thanks to Save Big, Live Better for this bit of news :)

    Thursday, 19 April 2012

    It's Superpoints Bonus Spin Day!!

    Hooray! I just got a 25 point bonus link! (25point bonus invite!)

     Today Superpoints is having a bonus spin day for all its members because of the technical difficulties they were experiencing last week with their site (this isnt a common occurence, Ive been with them 3 months and it is the first time I've ever experienced a hiccup in the site)
    So all you basic members? 60 spins today
    Gold members? 100 spins today
    And Platinum members? You guys have 200 spins to do today!

    If you'd like to join my team, use this link and get an extra 25 points when you sign up. Please message me so I can help you get started.
    To complete your registration click the link in the email and fill out your name, phone number and address. They use this information to confirm you're a real person and send out physical prizes like Ipods. There is no spam and they don't sell your information.

    Tuesday, 17 April 2012

    Coupon Giveaway

    My friend over at The Flying Couponer is having another coupon giveaway!
    In celebration of going back to work after maternity leave?
    Or maybe just in celebration of finally getting herself a new coupon binder and making it all neat & pretty :)

    Either way....go check out her facebook page, or her blog.

    Monday, 16 April 2012

    LikeNet - Get Paid To Like Stuff

    Today an interesting little program came to my attention that is starting out in BC. LikeNET is a project brought to us by SoftCorp Software Ltd., which is a Victoria based marketing business. Eventually their goal is to create audiences their clients that are everyday consumers like me and you.
    So right now they are just gearing up their consumer database, and offering incentives for those who join and refer others.

    I've just signed up, why don't you check it out!

    edit - I signed up just over an hour ago and have already been able to like 4 pages from there. $4 made , yay!!!

    Sunday, 15 April 2012

    WinJunkie Sweepstakes For Canadians!

    One of the newer giveaway sites I have been frequenting is WinJunkie.
    I was happy to win one of the first giveaways I entered on their site a few weeks ago, so I am now the proud owner of a $10 Starbucks giftcard! Now since then their contests have been getting bigger and instead of 1 a week they offer 1 nationwide contest and 1 geared towards their locals (which is Toronto, not far from me).

    Why don't you go sign up and try for this weeks contests:
    1 of 5 $100 Best Buy Giftcards
    1 of 5 pairs of Jays Tickets (local courtesy of

    Wednesday, 11 April 2012

    Another Superpoints Bonus Invite!!

    Just a few days after I cashed in for another $5 for Amazon I now find myself with another 25-point bonus invite to share with you *and* im less than 200 points from yet another $5 cash in. That will bring my total up to $20 in credit waiting for me on Amazon to use for whatever I want. For now I'm still saving it for christmas shopping but maybe I might come across something I want before then :P
    Either way...Free money = WIN!

    So why not join Superpoints and try it out? It doesn't cost anything, they don't spam you with junk mail. 1 email a with extra points for you to collect just for giggles (sometimes 2) and you log in when you want to click their super lucky button. Sign up and get a basic account and you get 30 clicks, get only 2 others to join your network and you are upped to 50 clicks a day and get 5 people to sign up and it jumps to 100 clicks every day!

    Here is the bonus invite for you

    Frugal Living - Home Made Pore Strips

    At least once I day on the internet I come across a DIY/Frugal/Healthy way to do something, be it to take care of the house or take care of ourselves. And every now and then I've decided I'm actually going to try one of these things.
    Today is home made pore strips. I don't know how many of you have tried or use on a regular basis such strips as Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips or maybe a store brand like CVS' but making your own at home cannot be any easier than this recipe:

    1 Tablespoon unflavoured Gelatine
    1 Tablespoon of milk (any % of milk fat)
    1 Plastic Cup

    Mix the milk and the gelatin in the cup, it should turn out to be pretty chunky looking and kind of grainy still.
    Put in the microwave for 10 seconds (I did 15 because my microwave isn't that fantastic)
    And what you get is a clear/yellowish thick liquid that you can spread on the parts of your face that you would normally put your pore strips. For this you can use an old makeup brush you don't use anymore, a popsicle stick or if you are me and have neither, I just spread it on using the back of my spoon I used to mix the stuff just put a thin layer!
    Then you just wait 10-15 minutes, a good indicator is if your face feels like its going to crack when you talk, its dry :)
    Peel off and view what kind of gross junk it pulls out of your pores.

    The nice thing about these is it has way less chemicals in it. Here is the ingrediant list for the Biore strips:
    Polyquaternium-37, Silica, Aqua, Glycerin, Polysilicone-13, Peg-12 Dimethicone, Hamamelis Virginiana, Titanium Dioxide, Stearyl lycyrrhetinate, Butylene Glycol, Methylparaben. 

    Monday, 9 April 2012

    World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria

    Well it sure looks like it is going to be a quiet kind of Panda day in the Beta.
    I started myself a wee Panda shaman so I could go through their starting area again but it seems a whole lot of quest stuff is completely bugged out today. As in, I am stuck at level 2 and on this island until it is fixed. I don't mind being on the island, that's why I started another character - so I could grab more screenshots and such but until I can complete The Lesson Of The Burning Scroll I will not be able to progress any further along the quest chain. And from what I am seeing in the Blizzard forums, this scroll has been an issue for people most of the weekend.
    I guess in the meantime Ill character copy an 85 over and see what that's all about.
    Mists Of Pandaria screenshotMists Of Pandaria screenshot
    Mists Of Pandaria screenshotMists Of Pandaria screenshot
    Mists Of Pandaria screenshotMists Of Pandaria screenshot
    Mists Of Pandaria screenshot

    Sunday, 8 April 2012

    Do You Budget For Your Yearly Landscaping?

    This will be my first year in my own house, so that means it will also be my first year having to tend to a garden or two. Well the good people over at Canadian Budget Binder have started their series on budgeting for your landscaping with the first post being a guest piece written by Jodie Munshaw who operates Landscape Designs by Jodie Munshaw.

    So go give it a read, maybe share any gardening tips you might have and while you are there you can win a prize pack of  veggie garden package – assorted seeds, gloves, markers…a package to kick start your spring vegetable garden plans!!

    Landscaping On A Budget In Canadian Soil- The Series Part 1 

    Saturday, 7 April 2012

    Mists Of Pandaria: The Beta

    This will be a short one, I'm going back to my normal server to play the druid for a bit before baby wakes up.

    FYI, for those of us who are just playing the beta and not doing much/any reading up on it....once you reach around level 10-11 and you choose a faction that ports you off to whatever capital city, you *cannot* return to the Wandering Isle. That being said, Ill be sure to create another panda toon tomorrow just for the purpose of getting some more scenery screen shots >.<
    For now...its Westfall and a couple shots of the talent interface and such

    Friday, 6 April 2012

    World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria

    Well after a couple errors, a few crashes and what felt like the slowest download speeds known to man I was finally able to create myself a Pandaren Monk on the Lost Isles PTR server.

    It was a small sea of black and white. And of course, in pure pain-in-the-a** form, EVERYONE was piled onto the first quest NPC.

    I wasn't sure how I'd feel at first about being a panda (but with 2 space goats and 2 nelfs...who am I to judge).  I think they are cute, I'd roll one long before I made a Worgen anything that's for sure.

    The lag was obviously something to be reckoned with so over the course of a few hours of on & off playing I did make it around level 11 and I am now firmly planted in Stormwind collecting rest xp bonus on behalf of the alliance.  The choice being made at level 10 is a nice little touch. And as for class I decided to go with a healer, since I haven't yet had the ambition to try out my druids dual-spec - she is happy being a boomchicken and my Shaman hasn't healed a darn thing since WOTLK was winding down. I like their stance set up, allows for quick switching between dps'ing a mob down and then healing my poor dying self, and yes I know druids can switch quick but without actually stopping and switching specs you aren't as efficient in the 2nd spec.

    Now to start the dreaded grind through Elwynn and beyond....I'll visit the turtle again soon though I hope.

    Thursday, 5 April 2012

    The Flying Couponer: TFC's Blog Giveaway!!

    The Flying Couponer: TFC's Blog Giveaway!!: GIVEAWAY for my loyal blog followers! Follow me to win the beautiful and colorful coupons on this picture!

    So go follower her blog, share the contest,leave comments,etc!!
    Go Go

    World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria

    Guess what this girl got in her email this morning????
    Thats right, I got my Beta invite for MoP.

    So you can be sure to find random posts and images and those kind of things in the next couple days. is down for maintenance right now >.< Damn you Blizz for making me wait!!

    Wednesday, 4 April 2012

    Bleach Cancelled??? /cry

    I may be late to this party but I am just finding out this morning that my favorite anime, Bleach, has been cancelled and in its time slot is going some Naruto spin-off?

    I think I just died a little inside.

    Here are some links to articles and discussion:
    Tokyo GazettE
    Anime News Network

    Monday, 2 April 2012

    I just won 10 points on the SuperLucky Button! Yay Superpoints!

    I just won 10 points on the SuperLucky Button!: Superpoints is a members-only club where you earn great rewards for doing things online like taking surveys, watching videos or shopping.

    Thats my 2nd 10-point spin for the day, I think I'm going to cash out another $5 for Amazon while I am logged in as well. The Christmas Shopping Fund is going well.

    The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012

    As you know, I'm a mom who uses cloth diapers and typically when i come across any soon-to-be/new moms I make sure I speak about using cloth in a positive light. Well now us cloth diapering moms are gunning to be in the record books to help shed more light on this practice!

    In 2011 a Guinness World Record was set for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously with 5,026 participants at 127 locations in 5 countries. The total number of participating hosts (not all qualified for the record) reporting were 203 with 6,363 participants from 10 countries!  $5,167 was donated to the Real Diaper Association. And this year we intend on beating that record.

    So check out the link, use their page to find a host near you and we hope to see you there!