Friday, 2 January 2015

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If you’re not familiar with this man, you should be:

-Donates 90% of his salary; is considered poor because of it.

-Legalized marijuana.

-Legalized abortion.

-Legalized gay marriage.

-Open to Syrian refugees; guarantees jobs to Syrians.

-Described as an “antipolitician” and “the world’s most humble president”.

-Lives on a small farm.



-Owner of a three legged dog.

-Speaks out against greedy spending and corporate abuse.

-Opposes war and militarism.

-Left wing; opposes religious influence in politics.

Also he spent 15 years in prison during the military regime, and he got married at the age of 70. He has been called the last great politician, and there is currently a movie about his life being made

The Last Great Politician

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