Saturday, 11 July 2015

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having a flesh vessel is so annoying?????? like they have to be constantly watered, they have to be in specific temperature range to be comfortable, i’ve had a headache for like seven hours and nothing i do will get rid of it,

physical forms are so inconvenient??????????????

I knocked mine over yesterday and scraped off some of the outer barrier and it keeps sending me really annoying warning messages about it

blood.dll has caused an access violation exception

I still can’t figure off how to turn off the monthly compile time. It goes for like 7 days wrecks all the system and takes so much CPU time. 

I got the wrong model, too, and there’s no returns or exchange policy. I’m trying to make do as best I can with aftermarket modifications, but even that’s a real bind. And then I have to deal with all the purists who try to tell me I should be happy with the model I was given.

My model seems to have been made with all third-party pieces and is falling apart at a much faster rate than anticipated. I’d really like to know who I contact about this because I was supposed to get a licensed version.

mine was apparently shipped with defective visual-input parts which went unnoticed at the time, and while aftermarket add-ons are able to approximate normal performance, actual repair or replacement of the defective parts is neither feasible nor cost-effective

also the OS has this big honking flaw where it freezes up a lot and all the memory access to anything but negative shit gets locked out, plus all the code regarding physical interface with external modules appears to be either corrupt or missing

i wish to complain

i don’t know what you guys are even talking about, i got the model that turns into a race car if you fold it right

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