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Dude, if you’re interesting in my culture (or any culture, for that matter), you should be free to explore that culture and learn more about the people, languages, lifestyles, etc. Honestly, I don’t get how people are like “but it’s cultural appropriation” when others respectfully explore other cultures and then the next moment say “multiculturalism ftw!!” 

Choose one or the other. Let others find out about the world through different sets of eyes, or be for segregation. You can’t be both. 

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I’m super honored if y’all are interested in Indian culture. I’m far from offended if a white person, a black person, a Native American, a Chinese person, or anyone for that matter wears a sari or churidar or cooks Indian food from time to time with all due respect to the culture or is actively attempting to learn more. I’m super duper happy!! 

I recently had a Samoan girl at school approach me and ask me if I was Indian, and I said yes, and she was super excited! She said she was very interested in Indian culture and she learned some Hindi here and there by watching Bollywood movies, and it was great!! A lot of people begin learning about Indian culture from Bollywood movies, and I was so happy to find out someone of a different place was interested in learning about the place I’m from (and have even lived in). 

A lot of people talk about how white people can’t participate in certain ceremonies like tea ceremonies or wear cultural dresses, even if they’re being respectful and aware of the culture. By that logic, I shouldn’t have been allowed to learn English, German, and Japanese. I love all three languages and the cultures behind each language, and it’s so interesting to learn how the culture I grew in is very similar to Japanese culture, or how things are done very differently in America and Germany. I despite Tumblr’s logic; instead of allowing people to expand their horizons, it limits them severely because of “feelz”. Most people out there are absolutely ecstatic to know that you’re interested in their cultures, so don’t be afraid to learn more, just because you’re white or something like that. 

If you’re white…I think it’s great to go back to your roots, because the so called “white culture” on Tumblr is made up of so many different cultures (Norwegian culture, Polish culture, Hungarian culture, etc), and while people tend to gloss over that…really, it’s all quite interesting! Be proud of where you come from. You can acknowledge the flaws in your country, but it’s also just as possible to love your country despite the flaws. 

tldr: Go out and pursue your education of different countries and cultures. I don’t care if what race you are, and I believe that you guys are respectful of those from different places and cultures…so despite what the people on Tumblr may tell you, JUST DO IT!!! 

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